New Frontiers Cup

The “New Frontiers Cup” is an annual tournament held by Frontier Grappling Arts. The event, which is normally held later in the calender year, places eight grapplers in a one night, three round tournament to determine the winner. The rules are as follows:

– 8 grapplers qualify for the tournament.
– The tournament is held over the course of one night.
– The first or opening round has a 15 minute time limit.
– The semifinals has a 30 minute time limit.
– The finals has a 60 minute time limit.

The winner of the tournament will not only receive the New Frontiers Cup, but also a guaranteed FGA Heavyweight Championship match against the champion at the time.

2012 (11.19.12)

Opening Round:
1. Ryan Kidd def. Preston Blake
2. Ryu Kanata def. Mike Smith
3. A.J. Fairchild def. Golden Dragon Yashimoto
4. Pat Gordon, Jr. def. Ricky Ian Pearce

Semi Finals:
1. Ryan Kidd def. Ryu Kanata
2. A.J. Fairchild def. Pat Gordon, Jr.

1. A.J. Fairchild def. Ryan Kidd