FGA Heavyweight Championship History


Created in 2012, the FGA Heavyweight Championship is THE most coveted prize in all of Frontier Grappling Arts. A legacy that began with “The Rogue” Michael Tomkins, the belt has been held by some FGA’s top stars both past and present, such as Blaine Harrison/Ben Hanson, Chandler Scott and A.J. Fairchild. The following is a complete list of champions and defenses.

Michael Tomkins def. Jared James on 1.27.12 @ 2012: A New Odyssey (tournament final)

Blaine Harrison def. Michael Tomkins on 3.7.12 @ Huntington DVD Taping
– v1: def. Preston Blake on 3.31.12 @ Spring Breakage
– v2: def. Jacques Mercier on 4.11.12 @ Monroe Township DVD Taping
– v3: def. Michael Tomkins on 6.1.12 @ All-Star Showdown

Chandler Scott def. Blaine Harrison on 8.10.12 @ Above & Beyond
– v1: def. Jared James on 10.19.12 @ Fear Itself

A.J. Fairchild def. Chandler Scott on 11.17.12 @ One Year Anniversary Show