Background Information

Frontier Grappling Arts (also known as FGA, Frontier or FRONTIER Grappling Arts) is a regional promotion based out of the Northeast region of the United States. To be specific, its headquarters are in Bloomfield, New Jersey. And in terms of touring, FGA has mapped out the following states: New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Deleware, West Virginia. Traveling up to the New England states, as well as expanding into Washington D.C. qre possibilities for the future.

In terms of a mission statement……

In Character
If you want to be famous in the world of professional wrestling, you have to go North. Northeast, to be exact. The New England, Tri-State and Mid-Atlantic regions of the U.S. have been hotbeds for professional wrestling for decades. Recently, the majority of every notable indy out there is based out of Northeast. FGA strives to rise to the top of that pile and create a reputation as one of the top indepenant promotions in the just the Northeast, but in the U.S.

Out of Character
Simply put, we strive to be a place that can create a positive, drama-free environment for roleplayers of all ages, experience and skill level.

Programming Information

FGA doesn’t have a television deal, be it cable, network, satellite or even syndication. Instead, our shows will be taped in front of a live audience. For the first few months of FGA’s existence, the company ran weekly shows that aired on a local public access channel. However, as of February 8th, the company has been running bi-weekly DVD Tapings. These shows will be taped and later sold on via the company’s website. These shows will continue to run in the same tradition as the weekly tv tapings did, serving to showcase talent, advance storylines and host the occasional championship match.

FGA does not hold Pay Per View or even Internet Pay Per View events. Instead, we will host supershow events. These supershow events will be like our normal cards, but they will just be longer. The supershows, just like a normal PPV, will be the ideal place to have high-profile matches and blowoffs to various feuds. However, due to the nature of our bi-weekly show schedule and bi-monthly supershow schedule, you will see some feud enders and title matches happen on the DVD tapings instead.


To date, FGA only has one championship. However, as the roster expands, we will be adding a second singles championship.

Ringside/Backstage Areas

FGA tends to host its events in smaller venues, such as gymnasiums, community centers, event centers, rec centers, ballrooms, etc. We do not have a large stage, jumbo-tron, pyrotechnics, flames and various other elaborate entrances. We do, however, have a black curtain, small ramp, as well as lighting effects and a small smoke machine.

Four black placement mats surround the ring for the wrestler’s protection.

One small set of ring steps sit near the corner of the ring towards the end of the aisle.

Description of our ring:
• Black ring ropes
• Red turnbuckle pads
• White canvas (The FGA logo is in the center of the canvas)
• Black ring curtains go around the ring, with the FGA initials placed on them in red lettering.
• Black barricade around the ringside area.

FGA only has one commentator and one play-by-play man. All commentary is done at a table that is backstage, not at ringside.